Failing at Adulthood

This day has not been ideal.  In fact mostly it has been me failing at doing adult things, like keeping a lovely garden or a neat yard, or putting up Christmas lights with anything even resembling competence.
...as though a holiday fairy came along and vomited right on that poor tree...
I feel like I wouldn't be so frustrated by it, if I hadn't done a perfectly decent job in years past.  It's just that this year I don't have a tall enough ladder to put them on the roof, and it turns out that icicle-strands are not actually ideal for wrapping around tree trunks.

Guess I know what to put in my letter to Santa this year...

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  1. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! ♫♪ ... Memories ... ♪♫ .... Light the corners of my mind ... ♪♫ ... Misty water colored memories ..... ♫♪
    Anonymous Mom