You Guys Really Like Babies

That last entry got me more than three times the pages views as I have subscribers (putting it that way makes it sound more impressive than the actual numbers involved).  Which means, obviously, that the old marketing saw re: babies and puppies is totally true.  As such, in order to keep bringing in the high numbers, I obviously need to keep posting photos of babies.

Okay, enough pandering.  Because really there's no point in exploiting my niblings if I'm not actually going to make any money off of it, now is there?  Didn't think so.

Nathan is off capturing a sunset at Trillium Lake, an adventure which we've attempted in the past only to be thwarted by snow (and, to be more specific, by our distinct lack of snowshoes).  The pig and I stayed home, to host dinner for my uncle and aunt, who got in from Dubai this afternoon.  I served them a pork-based meal, and they were appropriately excited about it.  There were plums for dessert, because my husband has his own ways of being romantic.

Is it possible he brought me... ALL the plums?

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