Autumn at Last! (and Vampires, Apparently)

And a very happy Autumnal Equinox to you, Gentle Readers.

I love autumn.  Love it.  It's my very favorite time of year, if for no other reason than it just feels comfortable to me.  Plus, as the (spiritually) native PNWer that I am, by the end of summer I'm all,

"Yeah, okay, beautiful weather, butwhereismyrain?!"

and not just because I love grey.  See, I love summer and all the lovely outdoor things that come along with it, but when I'm busy doing lovely outdoor things that means I'm not busy writing, lovely things or otherwise.  Autumn and winter are a writer's natural habitat, which I suppose is why Wisconsin turns out so many winners (artists too, for that matter).  It also happens to be Tattoo Season, but more on that in a later post...

This is what a writer's keyboard looks like.  It horrifies Nathan and frightens people who never learned touch-typing.

Aaaaanyway, today I sat down and cracked open my The Consequence of Treachery Best files, and damned if I wasn't pleased with what I found.  So I spent several contented hours noodling around on that, and giving some thought to what this year's NaNo project will be.  I have three well-germinated story-seeds that I can choose from for sprouting (oh, wait- just remembered a fourth!), but I'm really not sure which way I want to go.  Here, I'll lay them out for you, and you tell me what you think:

By Blood- sort of a vampire/faerie YA thing, but really a story about what it means to be a mixed race.  No romance, but an emphasis on familial bonds.  And revenge.

LFLF (placeholder title)- vampires again, and romance.  It started out as a sarcastic thing between Nathan and myself, and turned into an actually intriguing concept involving a male vampire who's managed to mature past the Brooding stage, and his constantly-reincarnated (but not always as a female) soul mate. 

Bloodborn- holy shit, do I think about anything other than vampires? (Apparently not...) This one is more about the toppling of empires, and it turns the vampire trope on its head a bit by making the vampires the oppressed class, upon which the powerful humans feed in order to gain super powers.  There might be a romance in this one, but if I go that direction it won't be a driving force.

The Pfenix of Winterhaven- no vampires!  Hah!  The story of a young girl who is one of the reincarnated Spiritual Leaders of her people.  She must journey into the ice-locked Outside to find salvation for them all.  No romance (because the protagonist is, like, eleven).  Of course, I very specifically see this one as a graphic novel, so probably it won't get tapped for NaNo...  ::sigh::

So what do you think, Gentle Readers?  What would you rather read first: a half-breed female vampire vengeance story; a post-broody male vampire reincarnated love story; or female uber-vampire revolution story?  VAMPIRES!


  1. Bloodborn sounds fantastic! (So does The Pfenix of Winterhaven!)

  2. I would read any of them, but the placeholder titled one and Bloodborn sound most original to me.

    (I'm not including Pfenix in that because graphic novel.)