My Dog Hates Camping

When I got home last Friday, I discovered that Isis had decided to emulate her mom:

A previously pristine leg.

Yep, that's right- she got ink.  Did it herself, too.  By which I mean she chewed up my good pen that one of her cat-siblings must have helpfully knocked onto the floor for her.  ::sigh::  And while it may not be quite so permanent as my forelimb-adornments, it is proving to be more resistant to being washed off than one might have imagined (until one remembered that I buy water-resistant ink pens.  ::sigh:: again).

Thus it was with new spots that Isis hopped into the back of the car and allowed us to drive her three hours to Ocean City State Park, where we were meeting up with Lara and Chris (and Moose) to do what we'd dubbed a "Scaled Surfing Trip".  Scaled because I'd not surfed in almost exactly a year, and Lara... well, Lara was only eight weeks out from surgery, so there you go.

We got there and set up in the dark (someday perhaps we'll pitch that tent when it's light out, I swear), ate some stupid-delicious burgers, and shortly thereafter went to bed.  Isis curled up between the two of us on top of our double sleeping-bag, which had the effect of pinning us to the sides.  Super comfortable for her, not so much for us.

Now, the last time we took Isis camping (her first time), she was so miserable about having to lay on the ground that, in order to keep from going to bed at 7:30 (as she would have preferred), we ended up doing this:

70 lb Lap Pig.
...for two hours. Because she wanted to sleep.  As such, I thought I'd be super clever this time around and bring her dog bed so that she could be more comfortable.  When we got up the next morning I brought it out of the car, and it seemed to be just the thing:

Watch Pig is Watchful.
That settled, we made a leisurely breakfast of bacon and omelets:

Lara has some culinary skills, y'all.
 After a bit more puttering about the campsite, we all headed down to the beach for our surfing adventures.  There are no photos of that, unfortunately, because Lara and I were too busy surfing, and Nathan and Chris were too busy wrangling dogs (and lifting logs, apparently).

Functional Fitness?
Oh wait they DID get a photo of us!  With dogs, not surfboards, but still...

But it was glorious to be in the (white)water again, and this time I swear on all that's holy it won't be a full year before the next excursion!

The guys kept charge of the campsite while Lara and I went to shower off, but when I got back they informed me that Isis, for reasons known only unto her and the gods of derp, had decided to pee on her bed.

I was not amused.

But she was so pathetic standing there, not wanting to lay on the hard ground, that I flipped the bed over and gave it back to her.  She did that little circling-three-times thing that dogs do before they lay down- and promptly peed on the bed again.

I was even less amused.

So then she was forced to lay on some pine needles.

Nathan comforts Isis in her misery.
 And then this happened:
Because basically I am a freaking pushover.

That night, Nathan and I decided to split our double sleeping bag into individuals, so that when Isis lay in between us we'd still have the ability to, you know, move.  Isis and I went to bed first (something she'd been desiring for at least an hour), but do you think that dog would settle down and sleep?  No she would not.  Not until I opened my sleeping bag and she climbed in with me.

She slept like a log, too, the little beast.

My dog is the most spoiled.

The next morning we woke to thunder- and then rain.  But hey, that's camping in the PNW!

Please notice that Moose is happily rolling in the mud behind Lara.

Isis, of course, just took it as one more miserable piece to her miserable existence.


Eventually I just let her sit in the car while we packed up.

Princess Pig in the Royal Chariot

So everyone (except for Isis) had a lot of fun, and we can't wait to do it again.  In the meantime, I've started researching doggie jackets...

This is a dog with STUNNINGLY built character.

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