They say bad things happen in threes.

On Thursday, Isis was bitten at the dog park.  We didn't realize it until we got home and took off her harness, and saw the blood flow.  I cleaned the wound (my first encounter with a dog bite) and discovered that the puncture was about the size of the final digit on my pinkie.  We decided we'd take her to the vet in the morning, and in the meantime I put antibiotic cream in the wound (which she did not like, but put up with, poor puppy).

Friday morning, Nathan took Isis to the vet, and I went to work.  After work, I went to the acupuncturist, and after that I saw I had an email from my credit card company, questioning a charge.  I called them up and told them that no, in fact I had not tried to purchase $400 worth of Abercrombie & Fitch.  In New York.  So of course they cancelled my cards and because it was Friday evening, my new ones won't be here until Wendesday.
Here, have a worthless credit card number.

Did I mention we're traveling today?  And that it was my main household card?  That all my auto-pays are connected to?

This morning we woke up and I started the carefully-balanced process of getting ready for my ten year college reunion (looking cute without trying to hard, right?).  I brushed my teeth and thought to myself, Oh, I should brush my engagement ring, too, so that it will be extra shiny when I show it off to my friends!

Grabbed the ring... and dropped it.  Stone down.  At just the wrong angle.
Feldspar is considerably softer than diamond.

So.  Bad things happen in threes.


Good things also happen in threes.

Isis got staples from the vet and they told us we did exactly the right thing in cleaning and treating it the night before.  She's none the worse for wear, and will have a new, roguish scar to impress the other puppies.
Also it turns out she's 70lbs now.
My credit card company denied the attempted A&F charge (and the subsequent PetCo attempt) because they felt pretty positive it wasn't us.  So the thief didn't actually benefit from our loss.

My engagement ring is insured.  We can replace the stone.  But even if we couldn't, it wouldn't matter- because my marriage is not based on a piece of jewelry.

Our puppy is safe.

Our finances are safe.

We are safe.

Good, good things.


  1. As if you would ever buy from A&F ... pffft. ;-)

    Anonymous Mom

    1. I know, right? I swear, I was almost as pissed about what they attempted to buy as the fact that they stole it at all. I mean COME ON- couldn't they at least have gone to REI??

  2. Oh Man! Now whaddamI gonna wear to the Verizon hearings?