Standard of Living

How strange, you might be thinking to yourself.   A blog post going up in the middle of a weekday.

Okay, probably you are not thinking that at all, because chances are you're not reading this until well after I've put it up, anyway.  But check that time stamp- go on, check it.  Not even noon o'clock.  And that, gentle readers, is because I have, at long last, implemented The New Schedule.

The New Schedule involves me working Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, which makes Wednesday (aka "today") the official Day o'Errands, thus freeing me up to spend the weekend doing fun weekend things, without guilt tripping/stressing out over my house slowly descending into a filth pit.  It also gives me extra time every week to work on my writing, which I am, obviously, doing right now.  (Yes, blog entries totally count, especially if you are using them as a warm-up exercise).

The downside to the reduced work-week is, of course, the proportionately reduced income, and the restructured budget that goes along with it.  It's not a huge amount, in the grand scheme of things, but it's enough that we can't just be thoughtless about it.  Still, when it came right down to it, we decided that my mental sanity was worth a few extra pinches to the pennies we have.

(Plus, as mentioned, the house will stay hella cleaner.)

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