The Race that Knows Joseph

Things happened today, but none so excellent as what happened in the evening.
We rolled into our new digs in the afternoon, and I chilled out and read whilst Nathan produced larger and larger fireballs in an attempt to get the charcoal grill going without a charcoal chimney.  It did eventually work, and after we'd eaten the dinner he grilled for us, we wandered about two miles down the road to Twenty Mile House, just in time to catch the dessert-and-drinks portion of Bridge's rehearsal dinner.

The next five hours were... well, pretty amazeballs.  You know how sometimes you meet new people, but it turns out they're not new at all, they're just old friends you haven't yet encountered in this life?  It was like that.  With a lot of drunken, glowing bocce ball.

Yeah, definitely my kind of kindred spirits.

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