The Backup Plan

It was one of those nights.

I was out with some girlfriends when Nathan texted me to let me know that we were out of propane.  This was problematic because a) we'd been planning on grilling chicken for dinner and b) I had the car.  By the time I got home we were both tired enough that we decided to just bake a pizza.  Which was great, except that as Nathan was heating up the oven he noticed that the element was doing its damndest to catch on fire.  He shut the oven off, and the element promptly snapped.

"No problem," I said.  "We'll just grill it on the pizza stone."

"With what propane?" he asked.
uncooked and delicious

So Nathan did end up going out to get more propane, in spite of his tiredness, and we grilled our pizza, and it was better than it's ever been.

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