Ice Ice Baby

I've been thinking that my Winterhaven story might be quite nice as a comic... which means I've been doing a lot of character sketches and the like.  But what it also means is that I need to get the heck over my aversion towards backgrounds.  Nathan suggested I look into speed painting to give myself lots of practice- here's my very first attempt at it:
(That's Wolf Killer, Avalyn, and Violet up on the ridge there)
It took about half an hour, and to be honest I'm a little shocked by how much I don't utterly hate it (especially if you could have heard the words that were coming out of my mouth during the first five minutes).  It has problems, obviously, but they are the problems of a newbie flailing around, trying to get her Photoshop bearings, and so I cut myself some slack.  It will be nice to look back in a year and see how far I've come.