The Distraction

My throat hurts.

My throat hurts because I spent probably a full half hour screaming my damn fool head off.

I screamed and screamed and screamed because I am committed to the art of acting (especially after being told I was part of a group "tapped specifically for [our] acting skills"), and I was playing the role of "Double Open Fracture".

You can't really tell from these angles but yes, my "bones" were popped up and out of my "skin".
Let's have a closer look, shall we?

The setting was a multiple casualty incident, and my goal was to be The Distraction.  My wounds were gory and horrifying and I was screaming and crying, but the reality is that others had far more life-threatening "wounds" that needed to be dealt with.  But I did not make it easy for those rescuers to leave me, no sir I did not.  After class I was talking to the guy whose role had been "Commander" (commanders are supposed to oversee everything and not get involved with any one patient), and complimenting him on the way he stayed removed (I was working him hard: crying and sobbing, "Why won't you help me?" over and over).  He admitted that it was actually quite difficult, emotionally, not to go to me, and complimented me on my acting skills.  So I'm feeling pretty gratified about that, in spite of my somewhat raw throat.

That was, by far, the highlight of today's class (the low point was going over scorpions: I have an irrational hatred of those arachnids, and just want to crush them whenever I see one.  Bleh.)  Other interesting points included a discussion over how much Hollywood skews our concept of treating injuries (it's almost never as dramatic as you might subconsciously believe), and also the moment that a girl turned around to see my seatmate making a sort of lascivious double-handed squeezing/thumping motion at me, in response to me saying, "My head is not so meaty, nor my haunches."  It's hard to tell whose face was more horrified- hers or his.  We quickly explained we'd been talking about why we give affection to our dogs when they want it, but they don't return the favor, and that his motion had been demonstrating giving good dog-affection.

My class is fantastic.

That being said, I'm looking forward to my day off tomorrow.  Going to get caught up on sleep and laundry and maybe even some climbing.  Woo!  (And, of course, some studying...)

All better!


  1. How can you even consider climbing with bones sticking out of your forearms? First aid must be a lot better than it was back in my day. ;-) <3
    Anonymous Mom

    1. ...I got better...

      (she said in her best Monty Python voice)