Preface to a New Year

I have a few blog entries I'm working on right now (Adventures in Non-Parenting Part 3 and a write-up of yesterday's hellish travel mishaps) but they aren't going to get done tonight, so I thought I'd throw up a quick "Coming Soon!" entry to preface the new year.


A new 365 project.

Yep, 2014 is an even-numbered year, which are apparently the years in which I do 365 projects.  Or something.  And this time around I'm going take a page from my husband's book, and do a photo every.  single.  day.  And then at the end of the year what a nice little flip-book I shall have!  Plus just imagine the hilarious chaos of photos that have nothing whatsoever to do with whatever I feel like writing about that day!  Chaos!  Hilarity!  All good things!

Because I am not quite so dedicated to perfection/craft/general manliness as he is, I am going to be taking those photos with my ever-present iPhone.  As such, these photos could be awesome, or they could be kind of lame.  But I'll do my best to keep it at least 85% suckage free around here, I promise.

(I may even re-vamp my header.)

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